proGanix 1-0-2 fact sheet

Intended use

proGanix 1-0-2 is intended for the upkeep of groves and orchards. It is close to pH neutral, and is therefore the safest product to use during bloom season, as a foliar application.

proGanix 1-0-2 Benefits

Average effect upon foliage, after three months of use

Average effect upon foliage, after three months of use

  1. Longer, thicker and stronger roots
  2. Decreasing fruit drop
  3. Increasing crop yield, from year to year
  4. Reduced fungicide use
  5. Odorless application
  6. Compliance with the strictest watershed-protection regulations
  7. Cost-effective application and delivery
  8. Induces larger leaves and thicker canopies
  9. Simple storage


Depending on severity of canker, HLB (citrus greening), or other infections, and whether it is your first season of using proGanix or subsequent year, application frequency will vary. Consult your local distributor or an authorized representative.

Full story

We have a new product committed to fruit tree development: proGanix 1-0-2. It will not only prolong the life of your groves and orchards, but it will invigorate your canopy and leaf size, with bacteria such as azotobacter. It is gentle with regards to nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, and can freely be sprayed on blossoms, whether citrus or cherry. There will be no bud loss from this foliar spray. (Note that it can also be deployed via microjet).


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