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Our most popular products include:

  1. Optymus
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  2. proGanix (1-0-2)
  3. proGanix (2-0-4)
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  4. Preventys
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The base of all our products, whether mainstay or new release, is a balanced food web, and a life cycle of microbial life. Depending on the product and its application, population levels of beneficial funghi, protista and bacteria will vary. These are then combined only with the best, soluble, selected OMRI-approved macro- and micronutrients. No refrigeration, no recipes and no additional items, such as sticker, needed.


Program Adherence, a Partnership

nitrogen fixation at 400x and 1000x magnification.

Nitrogen fixation is produced, as needed, by bacteria, such as this anabaena azollae.

Should you choose to trial or test one of our solutions, we urge you to adhere closely to the program, especially in the first few months. Only this way can the microbial colonies expand and become factories that quickly prepare new nitrogen for you (see image below). And those dead leaves, with proper use of our product, quickly become re-usable micronutrients and carbon for your new bloom. Then, once your microbial factories are at work, you go into maintenance mode, and your cost savings will be actualized.

Below are a list of a few other products. Before reading through them, know that we are committed to rolling out more and more innovative products that will dazzle the imagination. Our development approach is a combination of laboratory technology with proven best practices and mass-scale warehouse production. In the video below, you can witness bacillus thuringiensis (used as an organic pesticide throughout the USA and internationally, and known since ancient Egyptian times) suspended in an experimental solution of Prometheus. Prometheus has not yet been released.


Equally important, all our products are produced in compliance with current federal and state regulation, pertaining to animal-waste management and processing.


Nutricor liquid is a true organic fertilizer blend, designed for optimal release, and derived from three OMRI-listed products. The vast microbial population found in Nutricor enriches the soil, increases root growth, and strengthens the plant’s vitality and resistance to disease.

It is ideal for maximum nutritional benefit to support healthy plants, such as leafy vegetables, and increased harvest yields. Nutricor is a special part of our product line. Its custom blends can easily fit into any pre-existing nutrient programs.


Product label (proGanix 1-0-2)

2014 label of proGanix 1-0-2


(In development, not yet released.)

Prometheus contains an average of 20 protozoa per drop. There are over a dozen species in the mix, including Tetrahymena, Paramecium bursaria, and Frontonia atra (able to ingest amoebas), among others. Prometheus is currently undergoing tests for uses specific to the sod-farming industry, among others.


OMRI Proud

All our products are produced under the strict specifications set forth by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI), and the National Organic Program (NOP). If you or someone you know is interested in increasing revenues by switching part of a business to organic certifcation and production, please contact us.   <<View or print certificate>>

Sales Terms and Conditions
All our products include a common set of terms and conditions. Please review this seven page document, prior to asking for your first shipment.

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