proGanix Preventys fact sheet

Intended use

Use Preventys to repel insects, such as the citrus psyllid (Diaphorina citri Kuwayama), so that while the proGanix program heals trees from citrus greening, and probiotically helps them, new infections do not take hold.

proGanix Preventys Benefits

Ants carting psyllid eggs to their home.

Some farmers are keen to reduce insecticide and allow predatory insects, such as these ants, to take care of certain problems

  1. Enlarging the stomata, allowing beneficial bacteria to compete with detrimentals, such as canker and HLB
  2. Pest reduction (by repelling leaf-feasting insects)
  3. Increasing crop yield
  4. Guard against root-feasting nematode populations
  5. Easy-to-integrate with your pest-management programs


Best deployed as a foliar application via high-pressure, high-misting blowers. Between June and September, seven to 12 applications recommended.

Full story

For organic and conventional citrus growers in Florida, where insects are a constant threat, this microbial insect repellent is a must. Continue using insecticides or herbicides, such as DiPel, RoundUp or Paraquat, as part of your control program, but add proGanix Preventys to your program, and see how you can cut back. Less chemicals on your farm or business will result in more interest in you and your company by many of today’s consumers and buyers.

Preventys uses living and dead microbial life as an irritant to insects, while still maintaining your beneficial insects, such as lady bugs, bees, lady beetles (Coccinella), ants, spiders, and wasps.

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