proGanix 2-0-4 fact sheet

Intended use

With higher concentrations of nitrogen, potassium and microbial life, and a slightly higher pH than proGanix 1-0-2, this progGanix 2-0-4 fertilizer is designed to barricade plant surfaces with safe soil bacteria, so that pathogenic bacteria, delivered by insects or other means, can not enter as frequently or easily. It also protects roots with mycorrhizae and biofilm. It is primarily intended for the citrus industry, as well as other tropical fruits.

proGanix 2-0-4 Benefits

100% HLB-infected block, two months into program treatment.

100% HLB-infected block, two months into multi-product chronic-feeding program.

  1. Microbial protection of the tree-root system (rhizosphere)
  2. Longer, thicker and stronger roots
  3. Decreasing fruit drop
  4. Larger fruit size
  5. Increases crop yield, from year to year
  6. Promotes a healthy uniform bloom
  7. Invigorates severely infected trees
  8. Odorless and safe application
  9. Compliance with the strictest watershed-protection regulations
  10. Cost-effective application and delivery
  11. Simple storage
  12. Usable on USDA-organic crops (OMRI-certified and registered)



Depending on severity of canker, HLB (citrus greening), or other infections, and whether it is your first season of using proGanix or subsequent year, application frequency will vary. Consult your local distributor or an authorized representative.


OMRI listed logo.

Complies with USDA National Organic rules.

Full story

With double the nitrogen and potassium, and always low on the phosphorus, proGanix 2-0-4 is our strongest probiotic for plants. Over 20 micronutrients and a diverse collection of microbes work together to improve plant metabolism, and increase root volume and mass. This OMRI-certified fertilizer is designed to increase plant productivity, despite the debilitating affect of infections, such as citrus greening, that reduce nutrient and water uptake. Multi-year trials have shown that young trees react more quickly to this product than mature trees, so resets and saplings can bear fruit sooner.

We have identified eight microbes that support the mycorrhizal bacteria and rhizosphere, evidenced by recent research to accelerate tree growth. Mycorrhizae will also help unlock nutrients such as phosphorus that have accumulated in the top soil, but have not been accessible to sickly roots during prior growing seasons.

Depending on the severity of greening and other bacterial infections, we will recommend the appropriate combination of the proGanix 1-0-2 and proGanix 2-0-4.

proGanix 2-0-4 is specially designed for trees that are producing fruit at significantly less capacity, and are in danger of dying within the next three to five years.

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