Brillyant and the Optymus beginning

Optymus, the flagship product for the golf and turf industry, as well as our first OMRI-certified product, is both a competitively priced probiotic, as well as a nutrient source for grasses. It contains optimally balanced levels of micro and macronutrients.

With our tried and proven microbial nutrition program, you will grow a healthier turf with a more vibrant root structure. An Optymus
treatment program can save you money by reducing your pesticide, fungicide and water expense.

Southern Florida golf course, Palm Beach area.

Green on one of our premium Florida sites.

Since grasses convert more than 40 percent of the energy they produce from photosynthesis into root exudates, they actually feed and stimulate soil microbes. During photosynthesis, grasses capture carbon dioxide (CO2) and deliver residual carbon down the xylem (in the stem) to the root system for storage in the form of sugars. This transfer enriches the rhizosphere, a prime playground for mycorrhizal bacteria and fungal filaments.

When sampled and examined closely, the rhizoshpere can have many yards of these fungal filaments, which provide a nutrient-sharing zone and trace mineral transport highway that travels both vertically and horizontally. It also can act as a protective guard or shield. By using these microbes, we create a symbiotic relationship between plant and soil.

We are one of the first corporations to begin looking at this microscopic entities as beneficiaries and partners in our battle to produce green golf courses, sod and turf.

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