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Revitalization of a five-acre block of resets with 90% HLB infection rate.

Dr. Malovic reviews invigorated resets

These results obtained within 90 days of using Optymus.

Palm Beach golf course results

.. soil smart …

Brillyant Resources, Llc., serves the agricultural, turf and grounds management industries. Our industrial processes include the power of agitating jets and oxygenation tanks, in-house lab studies, bacterial growth-cycle cybernetics, as well as the rigorous and continuous monitoring of temperature and gaseous content.

With strict quality control at every step, and in-vessel production, we are among the few companies in the world that can create an odorless, preserved, organic product with extensive microbial shelf life (view certificate). This technology also enables mass transport and central warehousing operations at our clients’ site.

Brillyant Resources and its partners are already recognized as providers of clean, storable and odorless organic products, such as Optymus®, Nutricor, proGanix (1-0-2), proGanix (2-0-4), proGanix Preventys and Prometheus. These products have unique characteristics: They provide macronutrients, micronutrients and trace minerals for growing plants and turf, over time. If applied in compliance with carefully defined solution programs, each of our products can provide measurable, difficult-to-match results within eight to 16 weeks.

While other nutrition programs ultimately create toxins in the soil, and toxify vital remediating ecosystems, such as swampland and brackish water, our programs improve such environments and benefit the entire ecosystem.

Optymus® is OMRI Listed. Click Here to visit OMRI’s website.

Brillyant's lab biologist studies fungal mummification of a leaf miner.

Lab tech examines fungal mummification of a leaf miner


  • Henrik Brixen — CEO
  • Steven Malovic, PhD. — President
  • Adriano Sverko — Director, Communications & Research
  • Randy Weber — Sales Director, Golf and Turf
  • Mike Bonville — Assistant Sales Director, Golf and Turf

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