Beginning a Brillyant Relationship
During the past few years, we have been preparing for this moment. We have been working with several labs and optimizing our for Organic Useraw materials (OMRI-approved nutrients, manure blends, kelp, mycorrhizae and microbes) to be able to empower you – a potential partner.

Whether you are looking for a retail or distribution opportunity, or are looking to create a custom-blend for your area of expertise or vertical market, we are interested in discussing your idea.


OEM Benefits

As you may already know, there has been an explosion of research in the past five years, evidencing that excessive chemical-based nitrogen and potassium reduces soil bacteria, which in turn makes the farm or land manager more dependent on those very same chemicals.

Biofertilizer, however, targeted for your region or market, using only OMRI-listed raw materialswill help your market avoid chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Additionally, with our research team helping you, your clients will not only experience the benefits of faviconimproved soil quality and health, but will lessen the impact of certain pathogenic fungal and bacterial infections. Sometimes, even reverse them.


Distribution Benefits

If you wish to get started early – in fact, this growing season is possible – you may be interested in simply receiving bulk shipments to your store or distribution center. Our trademarked, registered, certified and proven products, such as Optymus, Preventys, proGanix 1-0-2, or proGanix 2-0-4, as part of our reseller program, can get you started with an initial product investment for 165 gallons – or less.

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